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    UV Constant-current lighting power supply(Digital setting type) LPDCJ Series

    Constant-current lighting power supply

    ● Digitally-set, constant-current controlled power supply for LED lighting devices
    ● Dimming control by varying lighting device drive current
    ● 256- or 1000-level dimming available ※
    ● External control supports parallel communication, RS-232C communication, and Ethernet communication.
    ● The error detection function detects LED disconnection, LED ove rheating, power supply overheating, power supply internal fan stop, and abnormal LED power supply v oltage.
    ※Since the parallel communication uses 256-level dimming, if "1000" is set for dimming levels, it is divided by 256 for dimming control.

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    UV Constant-current lighting power supply(Digital setting type) LPDC Series

    ● DC constant-current drive power supply for LED current-adjustable control of illumination
    ● Available for high-speed clock line sensor camera and high-shutter speed camera
    ● Used for spot illumination and illumination requiring stable illuminance
    ● Ripple-free, constant-current design
    ● Precise, reproducible 256-step internal light control using a rotary switch or 8-bit input external control
    ● Blinking and light control enabled by external control signals