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    Entire-Field Ring Illumination LRG Series

    Readily irradiates diffused light
    ● High-brightness ring illumination that can uniformly irradiate diffused light
    ● Wide irradiation range from low angle to high angle
    ● Surface-mounted LEDs and specially-shaped diffuser panel for high-power uniform diffused light
    ● Standard lineup up to large diameter size of 300 mm
    ● Wide range of applications such as electronic parts, printing, food processing, and medical treatment.
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    Entire-Field Ring Illumination 《LRLCSeries》

    Low angle LED. Perfect for flaw inspection.
    ●Unique design philosopy taking advantage of cylindrical reflector for Low angle irradiation
    ●Very effective for line flaw inspection and tablets
    ●Irradiation from desired direction is available with splitting specification. Moreover, emphasizing on flaw and edge is possible.
    ●Usage in clean room environment is applicable because of natural heat release model.
    ●For limited irradiating scope, by utilizing condense narrow directive LED, high density of illumination with lower consumption power is possible.